I have never been one to regret, it has lead me to the person that I am today. And no matter what misfortune we endure that truth is self evident. With that being said, we should all be ashamed of the world that our children have been given. This is our greatest failure:


Hello My Little Tator Tot,

Let me start off by saying that the universe begins and ends to me in your eyes. I love you with my whole heart and want you to know that you are loved the same by everyone in our tribe. With that being said, I am so sorry…

I am sorry that I do not make enough money to give you everything that you want, but I will always get you what you need.

I am sorry that some day the puppies you play with now, will one day not be here when you get home.

I am sorry that you have entered an existence in which your morals and values will always be judged because they are different than someone else’s, and that judgement could be detrimental to your well being.

I am sorry that you will have to endure ignorance, name calling, and constant attacks on your character from people who will need to lower your self worth to raise their own.

I am sorry that you will grow up in a world where someone will make fun of the shoes on your feet and the shirt on your back, because they have been taught that a persons importance is contingent on the brand name that they fly as their flag.

I am sorry you will grow up in a world where a man,  who does the same job as you, might make 30% more than you do, just because he is a man.

I am sorry that you will inherit a world that cares nothing about clean drinking water.

I am sorry that you will have to see ignorant, simple minded people who refuse to generate an original thought, display elementary behavior and hate towards people just because of who they choose to love.

I am sorry that your Maw-maw is sick…

I am sorry that you will live in a world with people who believe healthcare is only for certain people and not all…

I am sorry that you will have to go to schools that are run solely to make money, instead of educating and making a collective effort to insure that we have a loving, caring, and progressive society… I am sorry.

I am sorry that you will have to hear words like nigger, towel head, and faggot to describe your friends or people that you have become acquainted with.

I am sorry that we have elected people who have perpetrated and allowed these flaws and deficiencies to become malignant.

I am sorry that you had a president that set the example for this type of idiocy

I am sorry that your daddy has become bitter…

I am sorry that I haven’t made a big enough impact on my community to change these truths, but I will not stop. I will teach you to respect life and people. I will teach you to love, and be empathetic to the plight of all living things. I will teach you to be decent.

                                          I Love You,


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