Or President Obama for that matter.

The shift to complete and utter self-serving pandemonium is a direct result of our susceptibility to influence. Life has become so regimented with technology and instant gratification that we are completely complicit with allowing our minds to being void of logic, which is the only real thing that separates us from animals.

We have become so content with passing judgement on people that we have aligned ourselves with chaos. And through chaos, control is achieved. We have allowed ourselves to be ruled by confirmation bias. We only pay attention to information that confirms our pre-programmed beliefs. Once that is achieved we move to cognitive dissonance where we refuse to accept evidence that challenges our aforementioned notion of what we believe to be true. We don’t have to go to the high office for this gratitude, we can thank our corporate run and owned media. All of it; CNN, Fox, MSNBC… NY Times, Washington Post etc.

Well, I have a secret…

It’s all bullshit.

We are lazy.

It is much easier for us to allow someone on the interweb to tell us what to believe. It is much easier to rely on people who create click bait for our absolute truths than to read articles or blogs from multiple sources and create a consensus using reasoning and logic.

This would make too much sense. In cooperation with our addiction to gratification and technology also goes our ambition. Life moves so fast that it’s just easier to let other people develop our life’s philosophy for us. Once again this is our fault.

I do not generally believe that people are pre-disposed to hate or prejudice. I believe it is constructed through Ignorance Conditioning. We really can’t call it operant or classical conditioning, because the prior knowledge of such psychological theory is absent…generally. Meaning that one can only instill in their children what they have been exposed to and believe. Most people who have been exposed to diversity in culture are generally well more accepting of people from different color, geographical origin, and religion. The journalistic corporate elite understand this and have preyed on it scientifically.

Western humans are suffering from a massive inferiority complex.  Everyone wants their team to win. Competition is biological and primal. A fact of life. Except, in this reality we all lose. We are all humans first. We should root for ourselves to succeed… but we don’t. Go team Human! We instead root for failure. Our society loves to watch it’s heros burn and we love to “trigger” people on the internet, with the intention that they will completely lose their digital mind and allow us to attack like binary written sharks in the bloodied ocean of the Information Super Highway. All in pursuit of the feeling of superiority. We all crave validation, that trump card (no pun intended) that says i’m better than you. We didn’t used to be that way. We didn’t have to be right all the time. This insane denial that is inferiority has come from the massive income gap. Misery loves company. Internally we know we can’t ever conquer the rich and powerful elite, so we try to align ourselves with them. If we can’t beat’em… join’em! Whether it be the left or the right, both ideologies (if subscribed to without compromise) are extremely dangerous and completely the same.


All of this I have written about before, in nauseam. But, it never leaves. It only gets worse. We have got to start caring about each other. Regardless of political affiliation, religion, race, sexual orientation. We have got to start caring about Team Human. We have got to start rooting for Team Living Things! We need each other, you should have learned in school that ecosystems are mutualistic and symbiotic. We all need each other. STOP GETTING YOUR NEWS FROM FACEBOOK!! In the next 2 weeks we move into uncharted territory. We need empathy now more than ever. “WE” need understanding and compassion. Share a hug, not hate. Give a smile, not condemnation of someones life.

They have to live theirs, start living yours…



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