We are tired.

Anyone who has given any ounce of themselves to this election, is tired.

We are tired of liars. We are tired of greed.

Yet, we participate. We polarize, and we take part in the mudslinging and name calling, just like the candidates representing our “interests”. Families make idiots out of themselves on social media, partaking in electronic civil war because they have been brainwashed by lies. The chants, the tag lines…”Trump wants to make America great again!”,  or “I’m with her!”… FALSE. Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are running for president for the betterment of the 99%. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are elitist, narcissistic, megalomaniacs. They have run for office for absolutely selfish reasons, just like all that have come before them.This country was built on the back of a hard working middle class. Yet they are suffering. They have been stripped of their dignity and a just wage. Their taxes have been misappropriated, and their intelligence insulted. We are technologically more advanced than in anytime in known history , yet people still starve. We have revolutionized healthcare, yet we still die of cancer, become bankrupt by the treatments, or have to take out a loan to purchase a lifesaving EpiPen. They do not care about us.

Conservatives are starkly against abortion, yet refuse to spend the money needed to improve education, healthcare and economic stability for those children once they are here. Liberals are all about the environment and stopping climate change, yet Hillary Clinton has been completely mum on the proceedings in North Dakota with the DAPL.

Liberals have unfairly categorized anyone not “with her” into one of said categories. Liberals exercise the same behavior that they criticize from the right, yet justify it through a perceived “intellectualism”. Conservatives have been turned into racists and xenophobes by a biased and divisive media, contrary to their character. Conservatives, now hate everything.

Humans will respond to intense stimuli, its in our DNA, fight…or flight. So of course with what seems to be a perpetual attack on our souls by the media/politico machine, we stay in constant fight…or flight. We are tired.

We are divided.

You have said things to your friends and family that you can never take back, in defense of a human that cares nothing about your existence.

Division is a system of control. It has been this way since the beginning of human existence. The illusion that we exist outside of an archaic caste system has predicated our reality. The kings are still at the top, the slaves at the bottom. Liberals preach tolerance, yet judge anyone who is different than themselves. Conservatives want personal freedom, yet pass judgement on anyone who practices a life outside of their realm individual belief. How contradicting, how hypocritical. How pretentious. Poor white kids in rural america are taught to hate anyone who presents as less dermatologically pale as themselves. Poor black kids are conditioned to hate rural white kids or white people in general because of years of mistreatment and oppression. Both of these communities would benefit greatly by understanding the one thing that they have completely in common… poverty. By understanding that they are both marginalized by the system so that a corporate entities can profit financially,and gain influence through political lobby, the sooner they stop seeing color and realizing that we are all the same.

99% of us are not millionaires or billionaires.

But, 100% of anyone that you have ever heard of running for president is.

People who do not support health care for all, have never gone bankrupt because of a medical issue. They have either always had healthcare or didn’t get sick while they didn’t have it. I have experienced this issue within my own family. Healthcare is a right. Period. I write this in almost all of my blogs, because I believe it and I am passionate about it. We all deserve to have our life valued. Elite politicians value money and power, not human life. They kill innocent women and children everyday in the name of freedom and democracy. All the while making huge economic gains for their non-profit or multi-national corporation. They do not care about you. They do not care about me, or my family, but we will chastise, ridicule, and judge the people we love for maniacs  who will continue to pollute, murder, and deprave everything we know in the name of money and power.

The American political system is a farce and we are all a witness. Money rules the world.

Tomorrow is election day. Tomorrow you will cast your vote the leader of the free world and various other local and state positions. Wednesday the election will be over and you have behaved and said things to people you love that you can’t take back. The only way to make “America great again” is to except each other for who are and acknowledge our faults. The only “her” we need to be with is liberty… freedom.

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