I was hoping to feel something this morning.

I was hoping that I would wake in anger, or fear, or solace.

I was hoping for clarity.

Instead I awoke to the same uninformed rhetoric that I went to bed to. The transfer of shear nonsense being transferred by “Americans” is truly… deplorable. We can claim fear. We can claim victory. We can claim apathy. Yesterday, America participated in a national election. An envious mechanism that has led to emergence of one the most diverse, technological, and judgmental societies in known history.

Donald J. Trump is President Elect of the United States of America.

We can talk for years about what happened and how we got to where we are at. I will offer a quick answer to that question; We got here today because technology caught up with exploitation. People who felt oppressed and mistreated, for the first time in history, were able to find confirmation of their struggle through their phones and a plethora of online information reservoirs. The public, allowed themselves to be brainwashed by an elitist paradigm that concerns itself with profit above welfare. A paradigm that truly couldn’t care less about you, I, or anything else that doesn’t propetuate their superior existance. This election has given us the excuse we needed to release the pleasure principle… the Id. The ego and superego are no match.

There are three components to this historically disastrous election;

First, the media. The media lives and dies by getting you to commit your lives to their message. You don’t watch, they die and go away. So, what do we as Americans watch? Train wrecks, that what we watch. We love to see the worst, and this election is what we got.

Second, blame the DNC and the RNC for giving us two of the worst candidates in presidential history. The DNC manipulated its way to the corporate candidate that they desired and it blew up in the their proverbial “private server”. Blame the RNC for being unable to field a candidate anymore prestigious than a narcissistic real estate tycoon, who’s claim to fame is the fact that he is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame, and a successful run on a reality show… smh. Anyway, I digress.

Third, we all need to look in the mirror, wait three days and look at our Facebook wall and our Twitter feed, and realize that we are a country full of uninformed, pretentious, and apathetic electorate that loves to feel superior to someone else. Also realize that you have mdae a complete ass out of yourself on a public platform.

The United States is suffering from an inferiority complex.

We believe, that if you don’t have money and material that you shouldn’t matter. We believe that if you can’t afford health insurance that you deserve what fate lies ahead of you. You should get 12 jobs and be happy. “Thank you sir. May I have another?” Majority of Americans believe that “WE” are the ones being mistreated. Who are the we, you ask? All of us, We are all guilty of complete and utter hypocrisy. More so we are Apathetic, completely. See my blog “Apathetic Americana” We gravitated towards the candidate that validated and lent its confirmation to our belief schemas. All races, all cultures, and all religions are responsible. We live in the past and refuse to move forward. We only believe in a progress that insures a new iPhone every 2 years, not progress that enables education and opportunity for all that seek it. The shear anger and disdain that I have witnessed on social media disgusts me. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Rural America elected Donald Trump. Metropolitan Leftists sold out on their delusion that anyone who votes for Trump is an ignorant racist. That in it’s self is ignorant and absurd and last night proved it. The Ripley, West Virginia’s across the nation elected Donald Trump.

Conservatives… not so fast. Their inability to let people live their lives, and the insistence on micromanaging peoples beliefs and convictions, have led to a division in this country only rivaled by the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. In all of the ignorant comments made by the left in description of rural conservatives, nothing compares to the outright sick and disgusting dialogue that has poisoned our social makeup over the last 15 or so years from mouths and keyboards on the far right. It is absolutely despicable.

Live and let live… and die.

We like to see the train wreck. Well…Here it is.

If I could offer a suggestion for the following months, it would be this;

Stop… think before you speak or type. Remember that we are judging and ostracizing, literally, people we have known and loved our entire life. We are doing this because we are being forced to by a media, military, and healthcare industrial complex that cares nothing you or I, but money, influence, and power. We have been made complacent because the vast majority of us don’t know hunger, we don’t know war, we don’t know what it is like to deal with these things as a constant. As a majority we are truly spoiled. But, that doesn’t make our individual plight less significant. Just remember, everyone has a plight…

Today starts a new path for this country and it’s citizens. The election either did, or did not turn out the way you had planned. But, the sun came up, and it will tomorrow and the next day. In 3 months you are going to think about that pal you unfriended over petty differences that had no impact on your existence. You will be sad. We are all humans on this rock, and on this rock we are all Americans. I will not preach unity, unity comes from within. It is not something that can be propagated. I ask that we look in the mirror, take responsibility for our actions and vow to do better. To do better is all we have.

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