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Daily… daily I try and make sense of life. I try to understand why it seems that nothing makes any sense. How did we get here? How did I get here? We all make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them. I know I have made mistakes, and have learned from them. But, I still make mistakes. Sometimes the same mistakes. But, I am aware.

Awareness is a funny thing. Awareness is understanding your surroundings. Awareness is empathy.

Empathy is a funny thing. Empathy starts with understanding. An understanding that life is an individual experience observed by groups of individuals.

Somewhere in time we lost our empathy, somewhere in time we became selfish and forgot what was important.

What is important to me is that I am never satisfied. I want to always become of better version of myself. What is important to me is that kids grow up knowing that they are loved and supported, and that people have their best interest in mind. What is important to me is education. The ability for a mind to be exposed to the shear amazement that is existence. What is important for me is that people can get treated by doctors and not have to sell their house and bargain their livelihood. Healthcare is a right. Period.

How sick have we become that we believe that the ability for someone to have access to healthcare is considered a privilege. You know the talking point, “I’m tired of these pieces of trash not workin’ and suckin’ off my tax money!” Well guess what… People who wont work and abuse the system have always had benefits that others haven’t, and that will never change. Whether it be Republican or Democrat. Healthcare should be accessible for EVERYONE. Especially the middle class. Especially the people who’s back have been broken to fund these programs. The middle class is bled dry by the government, and abused and discarded by the public sector and market. It’s funny how when someone has great insurance and a great income they hate for the government to be involved in their life. But, the moment a multi million dollar corporation moves to India and lays off thousands without severance, off to the unemployment line we go.

It is shocking how self righteous we have become. How we spend more time trying to take things away from each other than we do trying to unite for a common good. We have been convinced that everybody and everything owes us something. I call the phenomenon the “spectrum of entitlement” I wont spend too much time on it, but the premise is that people on the extreme ends of the income line show the same symptoms of entitlement whether well to do, or poverty stricken. Entitlement creates division. Division, allows stagnation in society, which in turn allows the power structure to maintain and flourish. It’s always someone else’s fault.

The reality is that we are all responsible. We have allowed ourselves to be conditioned to dependence. Dependence primarily on money, not skill.

We have elected criminals. We have become complicit in being uninformed and too lazy to fact check something we saw on Facebook. We have completely bought into the bystander effect, just hoping someone else will fix it.

We target people who have struggled existentially their whole life because they feel different. We believe that we have the right to pass judgement on someones perception. That’s absurd.

I envy people who have a strong faith. I do not however, believe that people with that conviction should believe that their way is right for everyone else. If people don’t live by that creed, judgment is passed; followed by hate, disgust, and ridicule. How does that unite? How does that lend itself to fellowship? How is this progress?

People say that we should go back to the way it was when things were easier. When was that? When was it easier?

It wasn’t easier, it was different. We compare everything in the present to the past, which is slightly skewed. History is perceived to repeat itself, but in all actuality it does not. It cannot because each human is different and each human has a unique view and perception of their existence. In “the good ole’ days” things were not better, that is why they changed. Humans want to progress, that is why we have the division that we have today. We have many different ideas of progress and everyone’s right. Communication through technology has given the id a voice and now our egos and super egos are having a hard time suppressing it. Hints, why I am writing this blog. I, like everyone else believe that my opinion is important and needs to be heard. From the moon all you hear is silence.

I hope that one day we start to care about life and how incredible it is. When I was young, I used to play 8 bit Nintendo. I played a lot when I wasn’t at school, outside playing pickup sports or exploring. My nintendo was just basic enough to allow me to insert a little imagination into my experience. I found myself always playing games where I had to save somebody.

We are always looking for a savior.

Sometimes the game would get stuck, right in the middle, no chance to save. Sometimes we have to forget about everything we have done to a certain point, let go of the nostalgia. Sometimes we run out of health and lives, with no cheat code in sight. Sometimes we need to hit reset, and start all over. Just don’t forget the things that led you to having to push reset. Avoid those things.

In the words of the immortal King of Pop “Gonna make a change, for once in my life”

Make someones day better today than it was yesterday.


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