When did it happen?

What was the catalyst?

Where were you when you when you decided that some people deserve to get care when they are sick and some people don’t?

The healthcare privilege argument is nothing more than narcissistic elitism. In a world where we carry more technology in our pocket than we went to the moon on, somehow we are incapable of providing everyone with quality healthcare. Why is this? Oh… I remember, because healthcare is a privilege. It is a privilege to be able to live a decent life. Not an extravagant life, a decent life. It is a privilege to be able to go to hospital and get treatment, god forbid a cure for something that might kill you. Once again when you have, there is no concern for the have nots. Health care costs and premiums have skyrocketed over the last 30 years while wages have been stagnant at best. Healthcare in the United States is just as crippling as unemployment. It’s one thing for adults to screw over adults, but what really eats me from the inside out is our ability to allow children and their families to suffer from pure, unadulterated, narcissistic greed. I have a scenario for all you healthcare privilege pirates; A child is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and because our system is so effective, distraught parents attempt to sell everything that they own and accept any charity that is given just to hold on to their baby for just one more minute of one more day. After everything is said and done the parents, stricken with grief, are hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in debt. But, like I said, healthcare is a privilege… right?

A good friend of mine always says “Everyone is one hospital visit away from bankruptcy”, unfortunately those word hold deep truth. Health care costs are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Most people that have health insurance, or at least employee sponsored healthcare, vehemently argue against any type of expanded Medicare or universal healthcare plan. They say they don’t want the government involved in their healthcare. They say that there is no way to pay for it, that our taxes will be so high that we wont be able to live. They say that if people would go to work and quit sucking of the teat of the system that they could afford healthcare. Of course when you have good health care why would one care if anyone else had it, right? Who cares if someone dies of cancer or some other terrible ailment just because they don’t contribute Healthcare Industrial Complex? Who cares that veteran ‘s in the US commit suicide at a rate of 29.5 per 100,000. Why would we want veterans to have free healthcare, no stipulations, no hoops, you serve your country you get healthcare for life… All Veterans. But as we have already stated healthcare is a privilege… right?

Health care is not a privilege it is an unalienable human right. Period. The fact that we are even having this argument shows the depths at which our society has succumb to greed. Everyone believes in their healthcare plan until it isn’t there anymore. Everyone believes in their healthcare plan until the day the plant closes and refuses to pay your benefits and retirement. Everyone hates the government until another job is outsourced and you have to go stand in the unemployment line and see case worker at the DHHR. Everyone is fine until they are not.

This is for the legislators in Charleston and Washington who only care about the people that pay for your campaigns. To the Bill Coles and the Mitch Carmichael’s of the world. To the Hillary Clintons and the Ted Cruz’s of the world. Everything is ok until it isn’t, hopefully there will still be some compassionate and selfless people left in the world to offer a hand if you ever need it.

By all means keep trying to pass worthless bills, wasting time and money ignoring the real issues. Keep putting PEIA and drug addiction on the back burner. We might just forget about it. We might just accept it like we always do. We might just elect you again… but, we might not. We might start electing people that have everyones best interest in mind not just the 1%. We might become completely intolerant of the whole political dog and pony show and we might do something crazy… something completely blasphemous,We might elect a senile, white haired man that seems to genuinely care about people to be president. We might…

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